Fence Buyers Checklist

When it comes to helping fence buyer’s get  discount aluminum fences that are the highest quality, easy to install and come in multiple colors, we deliver.  Our fences will last a lifetime.  Thousands of our customers, Agree!   Our deliver times are fantastic and our knowledgeable service team can help you with your fencing order.   Many of our fence orders qualify for free shipping and our track record for timely delivery is top notch!

Let us help you avoid the most common mistakes that fence buyer make by helping you with your order.  Our goal is to save you the most money while providing you valuable information which can insure a timely fence delivery so that your installation crew can complete the job the way you want it done.   We can also help you choose the best colors which represent the look you want.

Take advantage of our checklist and get your project started today.


Checklist for Fence Buyers

 1 Great Customer Service: Our fencing experts are ready to help you get the best service possible as well as the knowledge that comes with years expertise in the industry.  *  YES
 2 Fast Quote Service:   Simply send in your fence quote (located on this website) and we will help you with a fencing material discount quote.  We would gladly speak with you.  We will help discover what type of fencing you need as well as the amount of fence required for the job.  We are here to help.  Click Here  * YES
 3 Free Shipping:  When we provide a fence quote we will be able to determine if you qualify for free shipping.  Just give us a call and let’s talk about it.  It’s that easy!  * YES
 4 No Sales Tax:  No sales tax, except in the state of Pennsylvania.  * YES
 5 Warranty:  We always offer a life time warranty on all fences purchased at Discount Aluminum Fences.  * YES
 6 Timely Fence Delivery:  Most fence orders will ship within 5 working days.  * YES 
 7 Quality:  You will not find a better price or higher quality with our American made fences.  * YES 
 8 Huge Selection:  We offer a great selection of aluminum fences.  They come in an array of colors and styles sure to please.  * YES
 9 Trusted Company:  We continue to strive at achieving the highest level of trust in the fencing industry.   Trust is paramount to us as well as you.  * YES
 10 Website Fence Pricing:  We show our pricing on the internet to insure you get the best wholesale pricing in the industry. No hidden charges! Let us help you with a great fence quote.  * YES
 11 Free Fence Layout Form:  Our easy to use fence layout form makes it easy for you to layout your fence needs and deliver those results to us for a great quote.  Click Here  * YES 
 12 American Made Fences: Our fences are always American made and assembled sections.  Top quality fences for sure.  * YES