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Puppy Picket Fence Styles

Sierra or Starling Puppy Picket Picket Fence Outback or Willet Puppy Picket Fence Flordian Puppy Picket Fence Appalachian Puppy Picket Fence
           Sierra          Outback          Floridian        Appalachian
Manhattan Puppy Picket Fence San Francisco or Isbis Puppy Picket Fence Castle or Willet Puppy Picket Fence Extra Pickets Puppy Picket Fence
        Manhattan          San Fran            Castle      Extra Pickets

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Everyone knows that cats and dogs have a natural curiosity and love to explore, which is why having a pet fence installed in your backyard is essential. The problem with using a standard spaced aluminum fence is the distance between each picket may be large enough for your favorite pet to slip out. Not only can your pets fit through the fence, but so can outside small animals. Installing a pet fence with close pickets makes it nearly impossible for pets to escape. A pet aluminum fence is a great alternative for your small pets, and the unique appearance gives a tasteful look to the outside of your home.

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